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After years of playing rec level softball with the Warriors, Taryn decided she wanted to play more competitive softball. Taryn recognized hitting was her biggest opportunity area. We decided to search for a hitting coach. Little did we know at the time how fortunate we were about to become. We contacted Scott Vatter at Hitstreak because his facility was next to the workout facility I was a member to. Scott began working with Taryn as she joined her competitive team. She found a new level of pitching and struggled initially at the plate. Taryn spent the first fall season batting at the bottom of the lineup. Over the course of the winter and into the spring season she worked with Scott. As spring season turned into summer Taryn steadily improved results and rose in the lineup. Her team won the 12U state championship. By the following fall Taryn was batting clean up and experiencing tremendous success thanks to Scott’s tutoring.

Scott does a tremendous job breaking down the complicated into simple and relatable terms for Taryn. She looks forward to working with him each practice and he has instilled a love of the game in her (along with her coaches). It is truly amazing how far Taryn has progressed over the last two years. We all had a good laugh comparing video of her swing today to her swing two years ago when she started working with Scott. Taryn is excited to continue working with Scott as she enters her high school years.
—Tracy Dragseth

Scott is a fabulous teacher of the game of baseball.  My 12 year-old son was really struggling at the plate to hit and had no confidence or power when he made contact.  Scott started reworking my sons swing from the basics.  Scott was extremely patient and  takes the time to breakdown all aspects of hitting.  Scott made sure my son understood each drill and what the purpose was behind it.  My son is now hitting the ball with a lot more power and even crowds the plate using the balanced hitting techniques and mental approach he has learned from Scott.  I would recommend Scott Vatter for any age baseball player who wants to improve batting skills for power, speed, vision and mental attitude. 
— Brodie Arndt

My son has been on one of the top baseball teams in the state for the past few years. He is a strong kid and very coachable, but we have struggled to get his swing on par with his teammates.  Last season he was consistently batting at the end of the order which really hurt his confidence in the field.

We have worked with a lot of coaches over the years and after working with Scott for the past 6 months we realize how special he is.  He worked with Brady to correct his bad habits and he has helped to give him confidence and skill.  Brady has gone from being the last batter in the lineup to having the 3rd best batting average on the team.

Brady’s improvement has not gone unnoticed. Many have asked us what we are doing to gain such great results and we without hesitation recommend Scott and HitStreak.  He is one of the best hitting coaches around and we can’t wait to see what we can do over the next few years together.
— Chris Campbell

As a parent, you want your children to succeed in all that they do. You want them to have fun playing sports, do well, and learn life lessons from the game and their coaches. If you’re lucky, you get some good ones (coaches) and you’re child grows and enjoys the experience.

Our son was a typical 9 year old when we first came to Hit Streak. He liked playing baseball but couldn’t hit very well or consistently. He played rec ball in Highlands Ranch that summer and one of his teammates told us about this fall league that they were going to play in. Zack tried out and made the team with Scott Vatter as his coach.

What an eye opening experience. First, I discovered that Scott had probably forgotten more about baseball and hitting than I ever knew. Second, I knew that if my son was going to be a good ball player and have the kind of experience that my wife and I wanted for him, we had to get some professional coaching for him so that he could compete up to his potential.

After the season, Scott mentioned that he could work with Zack and “show him a few things” that he thought could help him out. I readily agreed and he began weekly hitting sessions over the fall and winter months. Scott’s gentle, easy way with kids was very evident as I watched him coach that fall team and I knew my son would be in good hands. I was right. After that first video session with Zack they spent over 30 minutes analyzing his stance, his toe touch position, his balance, his hands, where his head was, etc, etc, etc. I was impressed. Then, after they were through, Scott told Zack, “Now, we take each piece of the puzzle and we work on it, then we fit it all back together to make you a better hitter”.

It wasn’t long before Zack had developed the skills and confidence to make him a consistent middle-of-the-order hitter that next spring/summer and the years after that playing AAA/Majors tournament ball for different teams in the area. In 2014, he hit .628. For. The. Season. This past spring, Zack made the sophomore team at Mtn Vista HS as a Freshman. We owe it all to Scott and Hit Streak. Did Zack work his butt off and do everything Scott asked? You bet he did, but credit the coaching for instilling the mindset and developing the skill-set necessary to succeed. Zack still trains at Hit Streak periodically and continues to see Coach Vatter for tune-up sessions. Scott continues to be an invaluable resource for my son and we are grateful parents.

If you are considering this journey with your ballplayer, boy or girl,  you’ve found the right place. The guys here know what they’re doing and my wife and I can’t give a higher recommendation. Oh, and Zack has also worked with Scott and some of the other coaches on defensive skills like glove handling, proper footwork, “first step”, etc. The resources for your child to succeed are vast in this building. Welcome to Hit Streak!  
— Mark Marati


“I just wanted to say thank you for letting Drake play with HitStreak this fall.  It’s amazing how you put together such talented teams!!  Drake’s love for baseball was definitely renewed.  He had such a positive experience thanks to coach PJ and Grant.  Drake is missing the team and coaches already.  I can’t thank you enough!  We will definitely be visiting HitStreak in the future.”  Thanks again.”

– Celeste