HitStreak Monthly

Keep up on what’s happening with “HitStreak Monthly.” Each month we’ll share baseball tips, news, specials and events at our facility.

November 2022

Upcoming Events

Our Winter Training spots are filling up fast. Reach out today to book your space if you’d like to book space for your team. For team rates, please visit the “Facility Rental” tab on our website- about half way down the page has a table with team pricing and a “Team Rental Request Form” that you can fill out and email over to info@hitstreak.com

Client Success Stories

Coach Signorelli’s annual Holiday HitTrax Program is in full swing! Teams of 3-5 play live games indoors, utilizing the ProBatter machine + HitTrax technology. They incorporate the ProBatter pitching machine for the Live Pitching aspect, while the HitTrax machine reads the ball off the bat and keeps track of hits, baserunners, score, etc. They play a 6-week league followed by playoffs and a HR Derby!

Local Spotlight

Congratulations to the 2022 Colorado Softball State Champions!

5A- Columbine HS
4A- Lutheran HS
3A- Eaton HS

We have a state-of-the-art Softball machine at HitStreak- come try it out today and get ready for the club ball season with live pitching on the Softball ProBatter!

Training tip of the month

Many of our instructors have coached baseball or softball for a number of years. Each year, we as coaches tend to figure out more and more efficient ways to do things. One of the things we have found that makes practices more efficient is to incorporate indoor hitting into your practice routine- even during the season when the weather tends to be nice! Since outdoor practice time is typically limited, we have found that it works well to focus on the defensive/baserunning aspects of the game while outdoors, and focus on hitting indoors. When you hit outdoors, you end up spending valuable field time picking up balls for half of the practice rather than getting a lot of reps for your hitters. Hitting indoors gives your hitters a lot of reps in a shorter amount of time and allows you to go more in-depth defensively for your outdoor sessions!

Product of the Month

We love training aids that teach players key skills with little-to-no explanation- something our players can use that doesn’t require extensive explanation or background in how to use it, but can greatly improve our players’ games! That’s exactly what flat gloves do for infielders. You can introduce these gloves into any facet of training- from individual work to team practices. When your infielders use this glove, it forces them to use two hands and have soft hands, which are both key skills for infielders to master. Whether you pick up one for yourself or 3-4 of them for the team to use, we would highly recommend implementing flat glove training into your practice routines.